Lighting of car/argument scene

So something I have already talked about is the issue of making the car look like it is moving not stationary with a green screen. Therefore, we need to find out how to capture the reflection of light that bounces off passing cars as the boy drives down Skegness road. This means me and Sophie are going to have to experiment with how we can do it and what looks realistic.

Choices we have considered are;

  1. Using a reflective material to reflect the light onto our car as it moves horizontally from the front to the back of the car.
  2. Using a big torch to shine the light across the car.

A lot of useful information was found from this website, along with a video.


He explains how lowering the gain makes the reflection on the car window more noticeable. it leaves in little detail such as rain or fingermarks on the window which usually gets knocked out when using a strong key light. Obviously our light will be predominantly the sun which is unpredictable but this information is something which will aid us on the day.

Equally removing the grain will reduce some of the blur of light in the background.

He was mainly focussing on shooting the car as if driving in the dark, however, the information was still relevant and will hopefully prove useful.

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